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Provide assorted solutions beyond the frame of CRO services, and contribute to the growth in Medical/Healthcare industries.

Hidetaka Ando
President & Representative Director, EPS Corporation

Since its establishment in 1991, EPS Corporation has act as a pioneer in Japanese CRO industry and has contributed to the growth in the Medical/Healthcare industries for more than a quarter century, by providing supportive solutions in new drug development and post-marketing surveillance.

Now a day, changes in Japanese regulations such as the drastic reform of the drug price system have placed the pharmaceutical industry to a harsher environment, therefore requiring further improvement in productivity and operating effectiveness. Simultaneously, the customer needs for CRO services have become more diverse and demanding, after following the changes in the industry such as the raising of new medical fields such as regenerative medicine, and the stringent of regulations for Operational Standard of Clinical Investigations.

Under these circumstances, EPS Corporation is aiming in becoming “the best CRO partner who can assort and suggest the most suitable solution”, by proactively creating new valuable solutions. We are also in the process of going beyond the conventional contracted business structure, and from a 10, 20-year long point of view, reinvent and improve our existing services and at the same time create new ones.

As part of this attempt, in 2017 we consolidated all our previous achievements and knowledge as a CRO with early presence in regenerative medicine field, and created the Regenerative Medicine Promotion Office. With this, EPS Corporation has established an exclusive system that can provide a full-support in regenerative medicine from a respective professional viewpoint, and be able to satisfy diverse customer needs ranging from regulatory consultation to submission for approval, which come from diverse clients such as pharmaceutical/medical device companies, pharma-venture companies and academia.

On the other hand, we are promoting the business of medical information database as part of the next stage solutions in solving the current tough issues in the medical/healthcare industry. For instance, since 2017 EPS Corporation is participating in the “Rare Disease Data Registry of Japan” project funded by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), and we are supporting the registry investigations aiming to overcome the treatment of rare diseases. Also in 2018, we established the Real-World Evidence Business Headquarters to conduct the business of utilizing huge medical information obtained through various clinical treatment practices. Moreover, we have integrated the knowledge and technologies regarding post-marketing surveillance (PMS) and pharmacovigilance (PV) to strengthen the supportive service provision. Finally, we are putting big effort in conducting database investigations, which will complement in increasing efficacy in both new drug development and submission for approval.

To operate these variable businesses smoothly, we plan to pursue the efficiency and advancement of our operational process based on our own long-term foundation in information technology in pharmaceutical and medical area, and by actively utilizing the latest technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IoT. We are also aware that, to execute this plan, human development is another most important factor. We will continuously train and work with highly professional human resources with broad vision and capable in conducting business in cooperative manner. Simultaneously, we are working with the recruitment and training of globally competent human resources who can properly conduct multinational clinical trials, as well as human resources who can manage new business with creative vision and challenging mind.

As indicated in the name of EPS, which derives from “Ever Progressing System”, EPS Corporation strongly wishes to continue meeting customers’ expectations by constantly transform and evolve internally. We will greatly appreciate your continued and further support.