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Mission and Growth of EPS Corporation

Since its full-scale entry into the CRO business in 1993, the EPS Group has grown in response to customer needs, adapting to structural changes in the pharmaceutical development environment and market. Since becoming a holding company in 2015 under group management of EPS Holdings, we have taken over the CRO business, the largest business in the group. We have furthermore expanded the scope of services such as virtual clinical trials, and have formed new services utilizing big data to achieve further growth.

CROs in Japan began in the 1980s and are now an indispensable part of obtaining manufacturing approval for pharmaceuticals. We are a leading CRO company in Japan and will contribute to the development of the health industry by creating high-value-added solutions. We build service models that leverage our strengths of having the largest SMO in Japan as a member of the EPS Group and maximize efficiency via the use of digital technology. We will fulfill our mission of contributing to society by supporting the resolution of issues such as drug lag.

It is our human resources that provide the "professional services" that are our main product. By valuing people and encouraging their development from a medium- to long-term perspective, we have refined our ability to provide services through expertise and strong teamwork. We have also expanded our business by valuing human connections.

As a trusted partner to our customers, we will continue to "improve our expertise and service quality", "improve productivity and create a sustainable growth model," and “create a good organization full of vitality” through sincere efforts to reform organizational management and work styles. We will continue to grow together with you.

Representative Director, EPS Corporation
Takehisa Yamada