Investigational Drug Management and Delivery Support

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Support for Storage and Delivery of Drugs Using External Vendors

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Experience with Storage and Delivery Management in Various Temperature Zones

Experience with Regenerative Medical Products Storage and Delivery


Main Services

  • Investigational Drugs Storage and Delivery Vendors Management
    • Outsourcing to a vendor specified by us (outsourcing other specified vendors also possible).
      Coordination of various aspects of establishing storage and delivery procedures (sponsor, vendors, monitors, etc.)
      Preparation of procedures for delivery and storage with vendors.
      Support for storage and delivery management of drugs, and confirmation for various aspects (temperatures in delivery, inventory, and temperature management in storage).

      Items handled: investigational drugs, investigational medical devices, regenerative medical products, etc.

  • Harmonization of Clinical Trial Management Specifications in our Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) System
    • Development of standard specifications for various templates (e.g., delivery request/receipt forms) used by each vendor.