Medical Writing (Clinical Trial)

About Us

We employ experts that provide full support for all aspects of pharmaceutical writing, from drug development to application.

Our skilled staff will not only ensure compliance with various regulations and guidelines but will also efficiently produce high-quality documents.

EPS features


  • With our accumulated knowledge, we can accurately reflect the client's application strategy in the documents.


  • We contribute to quicker approval by creating easy-to-read, high-quality application materials.
  • We work closely with the statistical analysis department to provide scientific, fair, and accurate documentation.
  • Quality control system with uniform process to provide high quality documents.

Excellent Human Resources

  • We actively recruit highly capable personnel and train them based on our unique professional education program.


High-Quality Documents Created by Professionals

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We provide medical writing services for a variety of documents, reports, and application documents required for drug development from planning to approvals.
We respond quickly and accurately to a wide range of requests with quality assurance based on a uniform process and high-quality work that makes full use of our staff`s extensive knowledge.

Target Documents

  • Materials regarding clinical trials, post-marketing clinical trials, etc. (clinical study protocols, informed consent forms, investigational new drug summary, summary report, etc.)
  • Approval Application Documents (Common Technical Document).

Other Services

  • Japanese to English and English to Japanese report translations.
  • Quality control of various reports and application documents.