Central Evaluation Support Service

About Us

To ensure the scientific validity of clinical trials, there is a growing need for consistent and objective third-party evaluations. We support central evaluation, an objective evaluation by a third party using a uniform evaluation index.
We also support a wide range of evaluations, including central evaluation of medical images in consideration of cost and efficiency, pathological images, ECG, EEG, intraoperative images, and event evaluation, which is an important endpoint in conducting clinical trials.

EPS features

Proposal Strength

Based on the know-how and achievements cultivated supporting clinical trials, our specialized departments and staff, dedicated to the management and support of evaluations independent of customers and medical institutions, will propose an optimum evaluation procedure for each study according to the budget, study scale, and assumed evaluation flow.


Operations representatives are independent from not only customers and medical institutions, but also other departments and the general hierarchy, and data and documents are stored and managed on servers with limited access rights.
In addition to the concepts of independence, objectivity, and blindness, a team of professionals trained in project management and communication plans will work with the necessary parties to ensure that the information firewall functions properly.

Full Support

We provide full support for evaluation committee work, including selection survey and contract support for physicians, preparation of procedure manuals, evaluation support, and data collection of evaluation results.


  • Creation of a variety of procedure manuals
  • Physician’s selection survey and contract support
  • Training for physicians, CRA and sites
  • Evaluation committee management
  • Evaluation results digitalization

A secure cloud service is used to collect clinical information and laboratory data from the medical institutions and present them to the physicians, enabling speedy operations.
We collect the information necessary for evaluation and perform quality checks.
We also prepare comprehensible summaries and evaluation materials for each subject and provide them to the evaluation committee.