Drug Allocation

About Us

We provide flexible and accurate drug allocation (investigational drugs blinding, labelling) based on our knowledge and experience in numerous drug allocation projects.
We can also manage the entire process, from creating the allocation table and the Emergency Key-code, to affixing the drug number and opening the lock.


One-Stop Services (investigational drugs packing and labelling, drug allocation, storage and delivery management, patient registration and randomization).

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Flexibility and Accuracy

Based on our experience in allocating various types of drugs, our skilled staff can create the most appropriate key-code in accordance to the contents of the request and perform the allocation work flexibly and accurately.


We offer efficient work conducted by highly experienced staff.

Drug Allocation Work Compliant to GMP Guidelines

In collaboration with the contract manufacturing organization (CMO), we can provide packaging and labelling services in compliance with the GMP.

Emergency Key Disclosure Services

We can propose web-based or manned disclosure services depending on the nature of the test and your budget

  • Web-based Disclosure: Emergency key disclosure using RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management).
  • Manned Disclosure: Emergency key disclosure available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Maintaining blindness in key-code creation, drug allocation, and emergency key-code disclosure operations.

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To maintain blinding in blinded studies, we create the key-codes, conduct the drug allocation based on the keycodes, create emergency keys, and store them until the end of the clinical study, including post-marketing surveillance.

Key-code Creation

We create key codes using permuted block, Latin square, etc.
Upon request, only the key-code can be provided as well.

Drug Allocation

Ensure appropriate quality through line clearance.
Experience in allocating refrigerated products (investigational drugs, specimens) in special environments in compliance with the GMP.

Key-code Opening

With data management and statistical analysis departments simultaneous contract, we are able to offer in-house key-code opening operations.

Main Services

  • Key-code creation, storage
  • Indistinguishability confirmation
  • Emergency keys creation
  • Drug Allocation(GMP compliant allocation is also available)
  • Allocation work site arrangement
  • Emergency key disclosure task(RTSM/Manned available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)