PMS Monitoring

About Us

We Implement Speedier, More Reliable, and More Efficient Post-Marketing Surveillance

We offer flexible resource planning that meet your needs, and as a partner, we propose more efficient monitoring methods and seamless support on post-marketing surveillance, from contract conclusion and patient enrollment to termination procedures.

We act as your company`s liaison, taking over all monitoring operations, including overall management, and providing high quality services efficiently.
We propose a flexible system in collaboration with marketing specialists and medical representatives with operational efficiency, time saving, and cost reduction in mind.
We also provide full support for sites regarding post-marketing surveillance, from study requests, contract conclusion to contract completion.

We propose optimal PMS monitoring methods that meet your company’s needs. Upon request, we are also able to provide more efficient one-stop services, taking care of Data management and other PMS related tasks.

Sites (regional)
  • Sites with delays in registering and locking survey forms.
  • Sites distant from the Medical Representative`s office.
  • From Pre-consultation to contract conclusion.
  • Only registration assistance, only questionnaire collection, etc.

EPS Features

Speedier Survey Assistance

  • Proposals for improving collection rates utilizing remote monitoring./li>
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More Certainty, Transparency and Quality

  • EPS quality survey assistance
  • Conduction of basic, introductory, and continuous training to promote compliance-conscious operations.
Basic and introductory training education
  • Ministerial Ordinances, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, etc.
  • Post-Marketing Surveillance, etc.
Education on the relevant product knowledge and survey overview, etc.
  • Information related to surveyed products, related pathologies etc.
  • Survey contents, contract procedures, related information, etc.
Education on compliance and adherence to procedures
  • Compliance introduction and continuous training.
  • Contract procedure, EDC operation methods introduction and continuous training.

More Efficient/Cost Benefits

  • By adopting remote work, we can reduce expenses and carry out shorter and smoother operations.
  • Expenses can also be reduced by collaborating with both marketing specialists and medical representatives.


PMS Monitoring

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PMS Contract Form Creation and Payment of Survey Expenses

EPS office support members will back up and support your Medical Representatives (or administrative department staff) on behalf of your company in various PMS-related tasks, from the creation of various procedural materials and contracts (survey requests and IRB applications), to contract conclusion, annual renewal, and termination procedures.

Full support for sites during post-marketing surveillance, from survey requests and contract conclusion to its termination:

  • Survey request forms and contract forms (site forms and company forms) creation.
  • IRB deliberation documents creation
  • Annual renewal and termination procedures suppor
  • Progress management operation
  • Survey expenses payment support
  • Application for various approval stamps
  • Storage and management of application related materials, etc.

Efficient Business Promotion Using Several Systems and New Business

Systems that enable direct communication with sites

By having both monitoring work and office support work in the same organization, it is possible to consider a model that directly communicates with medical institutions without going through Medical Representatives.

Storage function with efficient systems utilization and timely site information management

Procedural materials and contracts can be stored and shared in a visible state, linked to the PMS progress management operation system progress screen.
In the past, the preparation of procedural documents related to site formats was partly based on the experience of the person in charge of the operations. However, by utilizing the information on the system, survey forms` data related payment management function and PMS peripheral operations centralized management become possible, making work more efficient.