Software List

EXSUS : Statistical analysis system for biological experiment data

It covers statistical methods in non-clinical trials.

BESTS : Bioequivalence test system

BESTS is the software application which conforms to guidelines for bioequivalence test of generic drugs.

SWIFTeS : Tool for support of NDA document creation

By using Microsoft Word templates that assist creation of eCTD documents, users can create application documents more smoothly in compliance with eCTD specification.

SWIFTeS Proof : Microsoft Word Text Proofreading Tool

SWIFTeS Proof is a simple, cost-effective tool to solve a problem with ensuring a level of word and sentence consistency throughout your documents.

zenflow : Pharmacovigilance Workflow Management

zenflow is a safety operation integrated system developed by EPS.

It centrally manages a variety of pharmacovigilance (PV) service-related operations to ensure smooth operation and cost reduction.