Post-market Documents Creation

About Us

We provide full support for the creation and revision of attachments and interview forms.

With abundant resources and extensive expertise, we offer high-quality documents.

EPS features


  • We create documents based in the experience we have accumulated supporting the entire process, from clinical trials to post-market surveillance
  • We assign staff with a background in pharmaceuticals.

Proposal Type

  • We offer procedures and schedules that meet your needs.
  • We provide evidence-based manuscripts based on the characteristics of the drug and disease.

Excellent Human Resources

  • We actively recruit highly capable personnel and train them based on our unique professional education program.


  • Attachments (revision work compliant to the new guidelines for attachments is also available)
  • Medication Guides for patients.
  • Interview forms
  • Post-marketing surveillance reports
  • Drug Information Sheet, etc.

Other Services

  • Manuscript creation (new creation and revisions)
  • Quality Control
  • Uploading data to authorities` websites, etc.