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n collaboration with expert CROs and cutting-edge systems, we offer the best solution for you.

In April 2018, the U.S. FDA issued a guidance entitled "Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoint Process Standards Guidance for Industry", which recommends optimizing the quality of imaging data in clinical trials of drugs and biologics.
In collaboration with multiple imaging CROs, EPS provides total imaging services, from the collection of image data and test information in clinical trials, to data management, image QC (quality control), image evaluation, and long-term data storage.

EPS Features

Proposal Strength

By collaborating with multiple imaging CROs that perform medical image evaluation, we have a diverse service menu lined up. Utilizing features from each company, we propose tailor-made services that are optimal for each study.

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Full Support

With EPS`s experience in clinical trials, we provide total support for imaging-related operations. In collaboration with the data management and statistical analysis department, we can provide professional consulting at the protocol development stage, evaluation schemes according to the study, and optimal data formats for evaluation results.
With experienced CROs, we also provide our customers and trial sites with detailed support.

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By having specialized personnel in charge of imaging evaluation and imaging CROs administrative tasks (such as contracts, management, and CSV activities), we can reduce the workload of our clients and conduct smooth and speedy clinical trials while maintaining objectivity and blinding.


In cooperation with Imaging CROs, we provide total support for medical image evaluation related work.

Main Services

  •  Contracts/reception tasks
  • Information management (Studies / Trial Sites / Subjects / Accounts)
  • Image evaluation related work progress management
  • CSV Activities
  • Re-commissioning and management of imaging CROs.
    • Creation of radiography and radiographic image interpretation manuals
    • System operation and maintenance
    • Conduction of study-specific training (physicians and medical institutions)
    • Image collection and query handling
    • Image QC and analysis services
    • Image evaluation support services with the collaboration of physicians

Online System

By using an online system to centrally manage examination information and image data, the system greatly increases operational efficiency and reduces the risk of human error. Group meetings where all the physicians gather are not necessary, and evaluations can be conducted speedily through remote reading. In addition, audit trails can be recorded and managed in the system, ensuring the reliability of the test.

*Support for group meetings arrangements and partial use of the online system is also available.

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